Archaeological Survey

Manhattan Archaeological Survey: Phases I and II
The city contracted with the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work at Kansas State University (KSU) to complete an archaeological inventory and survey of the Manhattan urban area to identify and evaluate archaeological resources in areas of impending development. The first two phases of the Manhattan Archaeological Survey were completed summer 2009.

Archaeological Sites
Prior to the survey, 98 archaeological sites or places of past human activity had been recorded in the project area. The survey added to the inventory of archaeological sites in the project area. Twenty-two previously unreported archaeological sites were identified and many of the previously reported sites were also revisited. These include sites ranging in age from approximately 6,000 years ago to less than 100 years old. The majority is prehistoric or relates to native inhabitants who left no written records of their way of life and date more than 200 years old.

The Manhattan Archaeological Survey is only a sample of the archaeological record of Manhattan. However, the project confirms the richness of past evidence and extensive time depth of human use of this area. The survey is a starting point for recognizing potentially valuable archaeological remains in the Manhattan Urban Area.