Historic Review Process

Review of Projects

The Kansas Historic Preservation Statute (KSA 75-2724) requires that there be a review of projects that may affect properties listed on either the State or National Register of Historic Places. Under an agreement with the Kansas State Historic Preservation Office signed in March 2013, the City of Manhattan has now taken on the responsibility for performing historic reviews under the Preservation Statute.

Projects Subject to Review

Projects subject to historic review are generally those that require either a permit or a zoning action through the city (building permit, sign permit, variance, zoning change, etc.) for properties that are listed on the local, State or National Register of Historic Places. 

Notification of Required Review 

When you apply for a permit or zoning action, you will be informed at that time whether a historic review is required. However, if you are interested in seeing whether your property is listed on the Local, State or National Register or is located within a Historic District, you can view the Manhattan Zoning Map. The zoning map shows the locations of all properties and districts in Manhattan currently listed on the State or National Register of Historic Places. This map also shows all of the listed historic properties and districts within the city.


In the City of Manhattan, historic reviews are initiated by a request for a building permit, sign permit, zoning change or similar development activity. Projects on properties individually listed on the local, State or National Historic Register or within Historic Districts are then reviewed for their compatibility with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards

Depending on the scale and potential impact of the project, the historic review will either be performed administratively by city staff (minor review application), or will be reviewed by the Historic Resources Board (major review application). View a list of projects considered minor

The determinations made by staff and/or the HRB are final and are no longer reviewed subsequently by the State Historic Preservation Office. Any application denied by the HRB may be appealed to the City Commission. For more information on the historic review process, see the review process and application information

More Information

If you have any questions about the process or whether your property may be affected, you may contact Long Range Planner Ben Chmiel at 785-587-2412. Visit the Kansas State Historical Society website to find out more information about the State Preservation Statute, including historic information on all surveyed properties in the state through the Kansas Historic Resources Inventory. This website includes details on listed and non-listed properties, as well as an interactive map and photos of surveyed properties.