Cultural Resources Survey

Survey Grant
In 2003, the City of Manhattan was awarded a grant from the Kansas State Historical Society for the purpose of completing a reconnaissance-level historic resources survey of wards one and two of the original city plat, an area generally bounded by Juliette Avenue to the west, Pottawatomie Avenue to the south, Third Street to the east, and Bluemont Avenue to the north.

Performing the Survey
The City of Manhattan contracted with Historic Preservation Services, LLC, of Kansas City, Missouri, to perform the survey. The goal of the survey was to identify and evaluate architectural and historic cultural resources in the survey area and its immediate vicinity and to ascertain any individual properties and/or groups of properties that may be eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

Cultural Resources Survey Report
One final product of the survey is the Cultural Resources Survey Report. Generally, the report gives a number of ways to protect historic resources in the study area, whether it is through outright nomination of an individual property to the National Register of Historic Places, the nomination of historic districts to the national register, Multiple Property Submissions (MPS), or the creation of local conservation districts. The report recognizes that although the focus was on wards one and two, the historic resources of Manhattan continue beyond those boundaries and many of the recommendations would apply in other areas of the community as well.

Report Sections
The Cultural Resources Survey document consists of a summary of the project methodology; a historic contexts chapter, which includes an overview of the development of Manhattan and the role various architects in the design of structures in the city; survey results; and recommendations.
Report Copies
A copy of the report is also available for public review at the Manhattan Public Library at 629 Poyntz Ave. Copies are available for purchase at City Hall at 1101 Poyntz Ave. 

More Information

For more information about the survey, email Senior Long Range Planner Lance Evans or call 785-587-2412.