Licenses & Permits

The following permits, licenses and applications are available from various City of Manhattan departments. Most applications can be filled out online and submitted to the appropriate department.

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Additional Permits & Licenses Available By Request

The following permits and licenses are available by contacting the Customer Service office at 785-587-2480. View a list of currently licensed businesses through the Customer Service office.

  • Caterer
  • Cereal Malt Beverage — On and Off Premises
  • Drinking Establishment
  • Drinking Establishment/Caterer Combo
  • Hotel Caterer
  • Hotel Drinking Establishment
  • Hotel Drinking Establishment/Caterer Combo
  • Ice Cream Truck Operation and Vendor
  • Kennel
  • Merchant Guard Company and Guard
  • Mobile Home
  • Pawnbroker/Precious Metal
  • Private Club
  • Pushcart Operator
  • Retail Liquor
  • Scrap Metal Dealer Registration
  • Sidewalk Dining and Display
  • Temporary Alcoholic Liquor Permit
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Vehicle for Hire Company and Driver