2017 Street Maintenance Program

Project Description

The 2017 Street Maintenance Program will continue work started in 2016, add pavement markings across the community and rehab existing streets. Street work is planned in the areas of:
  • Ivy Street and Bluestem Terrace
  • McCain Lane
  • Grand Mere Parkway (Champions Circle to Players Terrace)
  • Anderson Avenue (Hudson to Windsong and in association with West Anderson paving)
Pavement markings will be installed on the areas of Grand Mere Parkway and Anderson Avenue that also receive new pavement. Bluemont Avenue from 11th Street to 4th Street will receive new pavement markings. New bike sharrows marking bike boulevards will be installed on West Laramie Street (Fairchild to North Manhattan Avenue), College Heights Road (Denison to College), and along Juliette Avenue (El Paso Lane to Pottawatomie Avenue) and Pottawatomie Avenue leading to Linear Trail. A bike lane will be installed on Poyntz Avenue from Sunset Avenue to 17th Street.

The City of Manhattan Street Department plans to make street repairs in the following areas:
  • Gary, McDowell, Elco, Lawrence
  • Heritage, Lundin, Nichols, Conrow
  • Todd, Jarvis, Hillcrest, Campus, Harry
  • Firethorn, Hemlock, Winterset (Miller Ranch Unit 3)


  • $1 million for contractor street maintenance
  • $1 million for street department street maintenance


Anticipated award of bid for contractor projects April 4
Construction timeline for contractor projects May 15-Aug. 15
Construction timeline for street department projects Throughout the year (Todd area to be completed May 15-Aug. 15)

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