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How do I request a street light for my neighborhood?
The City has a street light policy, which governs the placement of street lights. Contact Public Works at (785) 587-2415 for more information.

Public Works

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1. What is the Mission of Public Works?
2. What is Manhattan's Standard Traffic Ordinance?
3. How can I find out the easements on my property?
4. How can I find out where a street is located within the City of Manhattan?
5. How can I get a copy of a Subdivision Plat drawing?
6. How do I get a stop sign installed in my neighborhood?
7. How do I get my alley or street paved?
8. How do I request a street light for my neighborhood?
9. I am coordinating a road race. Who do I contact?
10. I am having a neighborhood block party. Do I need a permit?
11. I have a drainage easement on my property. What can I build on this easement?
12. I have a utility easement on my property. What can I build on this easement?
13. I have concerns about stormwater drainage. Who do I contact?
14. I need to locate sewer and water lines on my property. Who should I call?
15. I'm having a garage sale, wedding reception, party or meeting in my home. Can I cover the No Parking signs temporarily?
16. My business has a parking lot. Can I push the snow onto the public roadway?
17. My neighbor has diverted water onto my property. Who do I contact?
18. People are parking in front of my house and I am unable to park there. Can I restrict the area in front of my house so that only I can park there?
19. People are parking too close to my curb. Will the City paint the curb near my driveway?
20. The street light in my neighborhood is burned out. Who do I call?
21. What are the steps necessary to get parking regulations changed on my street?
22. When is there a Citywide cleanup program?
23. When will my neighborhood street be treated for ice or have the snow plowed?
24. Where can I get a Street Map of the City of Manhattan?
25. Who determines which curbs are to be replaced?
26. Who determines which streets will be part of the street maintenance program?
27. Who do I call for a new street address?
28. Who do I call if I see a stop or yield sign missing, or a traffic light that is burned out?
29. Who do I call to have my gravel alley or street bladed?
30. Who do I contact to determine special assessment costs for developments?
31. Who do I contact to find out the dimensions of a lot?
32. Who do I talk to about getting a traffic signal or sign installed?
33. Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk along my property?
34. Who is responsible for maintenance of my driveway, which is within the public right of way?