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City Manager Forms

  1. City of Manhattan Click 2 Gov - Contact Us
  2. City Snow Partners Volunteer Form

    For volunteers for the City Snow Partners program

  3. Furniture Amnesty Day - Furniture Donation

    If you'd like furniture picked up from your home on the day of the Furniture Amnesty event, please provide your location and a... More…

  4. Take our Stormwater Survey
  1. City Snow Partners Assistance Form

    For residents who need assistance with snow removal through the City Snow Partners program

  2. Contact Webmaster
  3. Neighborhood Association Registration

    Provide updated contact information for your neighborhood association.

Code Services

  1. Request an Interior Inspection

    Request an interior inspection of your home or apartment by the Code Services department.

Community Development

  1. Aggieville Community Vision Feedback Form

    Leave your feedback for the Aggieville Community Vision planning process


  1. Go Paperless

    Go paperless with e-billing for your city water/sewer bill. Help the city — and the taxpayer — save money by switching today.

  2. Special Assessments Contact Form
  1. Social Services Donation Form

Licenses & Permits

  1. Street Banner Permit Application

    Apply to place a banner for a period not to exceed 14 days on Moro Street in Aggieville and/or on Anderson Avenue near Westloop.