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Utility Billing
The Utility Billing Division is responsible for accurate and timely billing of the city's utility bills. In addition to accepting payments, one of our customer service representatives can handle any questions about your bill or requests for service initiation and disconnections.

Sign up for Service
To initiate or disconnect water utility service, call customer service at (785) 587-2480.

Payment Agreements
It is understood that circumstances sometimes disrupt customer's lives and cause financial distress. If the utility bill cannot be paid on time, please contact the customer service office at (785) 587-2480. Service will not be disconnected if a reasonable portion of the bill is paid and an agreement is made to pay the balance of the bill in predetermined installments. Trained customer service representatives will help you design reasonable payment arrangements.

Payment Methods
City utility bills can be paid through a variety of ways, including the mail, automatic bank draft, online, or by cash, check or credit card at the Customer Service office at City Hall, 1101 Poyntz Ave. Additional dropboxes are located at both Manhattan Dillons supermarkets and at City Hall. Learn more about payment options.

Service Disconnection

To request service disconnection, call Customer Service at (785) 587-2480.

While every effort is made to see that residents have available all the water services required, service may be disconnected if no effort is made either to pay the bill in full or to establish a payment agreement. Other reasons service can be disconnected include:
  • A bill is returned from the post office.
  • Corrective action is not taken on a returned check.
  • Payments under a payment agreement are not met.
  • Service is tampered with or diverted.

When the discontinuance of service would be dangerous to the health of a permanent resident of the house where service is being delivered, the customer service office may postpone disconnection so payment arrangements can be made. Consideration will be given on the basis of medical condition, age or disability. Of course, customers will need to let the department know when these conditions exist.

Restoring Service
When service has been interrupted for non-payment, satisfactory payment arrangements must be made and appropriate service charges paid before restoration can be scheduled. In most cases, service can be restored within 24 hours after a satisfactory payment is received. Additionally, a $25 non-payment fee will be assessed.

Resolving Disputes
If a customer disputes charges recorded on a bill, the customer service office should be notified of the exact nature of the dispute. Suggestions will be given on things to check. The meter will be reread and the customer notified of the results when needed. If questions still exist, at least one-half of the bill needs to be paid while the dispute is being resolved. Every effort will be made to resolve disagreements and misunderstandings in a timely manner. Do not hesitate to contact the customer service office if you have any questions pertaining to a bill.