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Neighborhood Notifications
Notification of Proposals & Projects
Sign up to receive early notification of city maintenance projects and development proposals, including developer’s neighborhood meetings and contact information and description of proposals.

This notification is limited to proposals that are located within the City of Manhattan, or are proposed to be annexed and developed in Manhattan. Proposals that are being processed and considered by Riley or Pottawatomie counties are not included in this service. 

Neighborhood Notifications
The city is divided into neighborhood notification areas on the map below, using labeled streets and rivers as boundaries. Please select the area(s) in which you have interest. You will receive notification of city maintenance projects and development proposals located within the area(s) you select. If you live near the edge of an area, consider also signing up for the adjacent area to ensure notice of all nearby proposals.

Sign Up
for Notifications
To sign up to receive notifications from a single neighborhood, click on the number for that area on the map below.  To sign up for multiple areas, sign up for In Touch notifications and select all neighborhoods you would like to receive notifications for.

 Early Notification Map
Neighborhood Legend
  • (1) Eureka Valley - Manhattan Regional Aiport - West Scenic Drive
  • (2) Candlewood - Western Hills - Grand Mere - Colbert Hills
  • (3) Anthony Middle School - North KSU Campus
  • (4) Eastside Business Area - Northview - Eisenhower Middle School
  • (5) CiCo Park - Amanda Arnold Elementary School
  • (6) West Campus
  • (7) K-State Core Campus - East Campus
  • (8) Anneberg Park - Warner Park - Miller Parkway
  • (9) Sunset Zoo - Redbud Neighborhood
  • (10) City Park - Downtown Core
  • (11) Stagg Hill - Area bounded by Ft. Riley Boulevard and US 24 on the north, the Kansas River on the south, and the Blue River on the east.
  • (12) K-177 Gateway Corridor - Area consists of land located southeast of the Kansas River. Area 13 consists of land located east of the Blue River and north of the Kansas River.
  • (13) Wastewater Plant - East Highway 24

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