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Gateway To Manhattan Plan
Original Plan
The original Gateway to Manhattan Plan was developed in 1998 as a joint effort between Manhattan and Riley County to provide goals and recommendations to guide future commercial and residential development along the K-177 Corridor in anticipation of widening that facility to four lanes and the possible treatment of wastewater from the Konza Valley Sewer Benefit District that was being proposed at that time.

Original Adoption
At the end of the process, the city and Riley County adopted slightly different versions of the 1998 Gateway Plan. The Plan was adopted by the city as a part of the Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan and Riley County adopted a slightly modified version as an update of the Riley County Comprehensive Plan.

Updates to the Plan
In 2009 and 2010, Manhattan and Riley County developed cooperative agreements to extend sanitary sewer and water service into the K-177 Corridor to provide essential utility services for new development. As a result, the city and county worked with a seven-member steering committee to revise and update the plan to:
  • Address anticipated urban density growth resulting from the new sanitary sewer and water infrastructure being extended to the area
  • Identify the Urban Service Area that can be served by these new utility systems
  • Re-assess the original goals
  • Reconcile the differences between the city and county versions of the original 1998 plan
  • Revise the plan to reflect community vision for the corridor

Although the boundaries of the plan remain unchanged for the update, the primary focus area is the commercial and residential core along the K-177 Corridor in the northern half of the plan area. The updated gateway plan includes goals, objectives, action plans, and a future land use map to guide development and redevelopment along the K-177 Corridor.

Approval of the Updated Plan
March 7, 2011, the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board approved Resolution No. 030711, amending the Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan by adopting and incorporating by reference the updated Gateway to Manhattan Plan, dated April 2011.

April 11, 2011, the Riley County Planning Board approved Resolution No. 041111 adopting and incorporating the gateway plan.

April 25, 2011, the Riley County Board of Commissioners approved Resolution No. 042511-08 adopting and incorporating the updated gateway plan.

May 17, 2011, the City Commission approved Ordinance No. 6893, adopting and incorporating the updated Gateway Plan.