Pay for Risk Reduction Fees

Required Paperwork

Before online payment is accepted, all paperwork must be submitted and approved by Risk Reduction. Find available applications on our Licenses/Permits page.

Continuing Education 

Twelve (12) hours of approved continuing education is required to renew plumbing, gas, mechanical and electrical licenses. Beginning with the 2021 license renewal, general contractors are required to have 12 hours of continuing education hours as well.  Any person in the full time employment of the GC company may obtain the hours. The hours shall be submitted at time of renewal and must have been acquired during the two years prior to renewal; six of the hours are to be code book related. Class completion certificates are required for proof of hours. Good websites to view classes are and

Paying Online

When paying online, a fee will be charged to your credit/debit card. These fees go directly to GovPayEXP and are not part of the City of Manhattan's fees.


  • For questions about your application or amount owed, contact Risk Reduction at 785-587-4506.
  • For questions about the payment procedure, contact GovPayEXP at 888-604-7888.