Municipal Audit Committee

Municipal Audit Committee
The purpose of the Municipal Audit Committee is to:
  1. Recommend to the City Commission an independent firm of certified public accountants, qualified to perform the annual audit of the city.
  2. Meet with the City Auditors during the annual City Audit to discuss the auditing process including the examination of internal controls currently prescribed by the city.
  3. Analyze and report to the City Commission significant findings in the annual audit report and make recommendations regarding such findings.
  4. Make recommendations, if any, to the City Commission regarding the following financial documents:
    • Annual audited financial statements,
    • Management letter submitted by the independent auditor,
    • Response to management letter submitted by city staff, and
    • Financial management policies.
  5. Review component unit information as necessary in relation to the city’s annual audit report and recommendation(s) to be made to the City Commission.
  6. To make reports and recommendations to the governing body on other matters referred to it by the City Commission.
The Committee is comprised of four members in which three are citizen-at-large members and one is a seated City Commission member. Preference is given to persons with accounting or auditing experience, background or expertise. Members are appointed by the mayor of the city with the advice and consent of the City Commission.

Staff Liaison

Rina Neal- Finance Director
Email Rina Neal

Additional Information
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The committee meets at least semi-annually (once during the onsite audit and once to receive the annual audit report) and at such other times as may be necessary.


  • Mark Hatesohl (Commissioner)
    • Term expires: 03/31/24
  • Eric Higgins
    • Term Expires: 03/31/2024
  • Richard Jankovich (Citizen At-Large)
    • Term expires: 03/31/26
  • Aaron VonFeldt
    • Term expires: 03/31/25