Grease Management Permit Program

Grease Management Permit Program  

City code requires that any person operating a facility in which grease-laden waste is produced must obtain a valid grease discharge permit for the facility. This requirement DOES NOT apply to individual homes and apartments. It DOES apply to restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, school cafeterias, nursing homes, day care centers, churches, and other food service establishments. 

An application for grease discharge permit must be completed and submitted for each grease interceptor annually. The permit fee is $25 per interceptor per year. Each grease interceptor must be inspected by a licensed plumber annually and that report must be submitted to the city.

Why is grease a problem?

The city's goal is to reduce costs to businesses and homeowners while complying with environmental regulations. One often overlooked area is the disposal of fats, oils, and grease into the Sanitary Sewer Collection System. Grease creates significant operational and maintenance expense for the city which can result in utility rate increases. Grease is one of the leading causes of sanitary sewer backups and overflows. When grease gets into the sanitary sewer, it sticks to the inside of pipes and eventually blocks the entire pipe. Back-ups and overflows cause health hazards because of potential contact with disease-causing organisms. Grease related back-ups can result in property damage and expensive and unpleasant cleanups.


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