Traffic Division

The Traffic Division installs, maintains and repairs all traffic signals, school zone flashers, street signs, and traffic signs in the City of Manhattan. This division also provides pavement markings including crosswalks and lane lines, and conducts traffic studies necessary to determine developmental impacts related to traffic and streets for the benefit of Manhattan residents. The Manhattan Traffic Operations Facility (MTOF) is home of the Traffic Division.

Intelligent Transportation Systems
The City’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is managed from the MTOF. This system is a computerized traffic control and information system used to maximize efficiency and coordinate traffic control to provide the most accurate and timely information to traffic engineers, maintenance personnel, and the traveling public. The ITS control center allows services to be delivered in a more timely manner, provides a convenient means to monitor equipment failures, and in many ways saves significant time and money.

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Traffic Resources

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is a document issued by the Federal Highway Administration of the United States Department of Transportation to specify the standards by which traffic signs, road surface markings, and signals are designed, installed and used. The City of Manhattan is required by law to follow these standards.