Public Transportation

aTa Bus

aTa Bus serves residents of Manhattan, as well as Green Valley, St. George, Fort Riley and Junction City. The Flint Hills Area Transportation Agency has been providing safe, reliable, and affordable public transportation since 1976. ata bus

Licensed Vehicles-for-Hire (Taxi Companies)

  • There are no licensed companies operating in Manhattan at this time. (last updated 8/13/2020)

Licensed Livery Companies

Livery companies operate at a pre-negotiated rate. Taxis are required to have a meter that determines rate. 


On October 1, 2019, the City Commission approved Ordinance No. 7449 regulating e-scooters and micro-mobility network companies in Manhattan. On June 16, 2020, the City Commission authorized an agreement with LINK to access certain city streets, sidewalks, rights-of-way, parks and trails for the deployment of their e-scooter program. On August 3, 2021, the City Commission extended the agreement for three years through 2024. 

LINK allows anyone age 18 and up to rent their dockless e-scooters around the city and on K-State’s Manhattan campus. To use the e-scooters, download the "LINK — Scooter Sharing" app on a smartphone. It costs $1 to unlock an e-scooter and 37 cents per minute to ride.

For general customer support or to report an e-scooter issue to LINK, contact or 1-844-701-8163. 

Residents can also submit reports to LINK through city's mobile app, Report It!

For questions about e-scooters in Manhattan, contact the City Manager's Office at 785-587-2404.

Riders must follow all state and local laws regarding use of e-scooters within the City of Manhattan, including but not limited to: 

  • Per state law, e-scooters can be ridden on public streets and must adhere to the same traffic regulations as bicycles set forth by state and local laws, with the exception that it is unlawful to ride e-scooters on any interstate, federal or state highway within the City except when crossing (which include Tuttle Creek Boulevard, Fort Riley Boulevard, Seth Child Road, and East Poyntz Avenue).
  • City Ordinance prohibits riding e-scooters on the sidewalks and plaza areas located within the Aggieville and Downtown Business Districts. It also prohibits operating or riding the devices in City parking lots and garages.
    • If a person is operating any of these devices on city sidewalks or plazas elsewhere in the city, the person must yield to pedestrians and signal before passing a pedestrian. In addition, the rider can only travel at a speed that is “reasonable and prudent under existing conditions,” which in no case shall exceed 15 mph. These rider conduct provisions help protect the safety of the riders and pedestrians who are sharing the sidewalks.
  • City Ordinance requires riders to park e-scooters in City-approved racks or locations while within the Aggieville or Downtown Districts. This maintains City control of parking locations in these busy districts.
    • In other parts of the city, a rider can only park on street side curbing, where not otherwise prohibited; in City-approved racks or locations; or on private property where parking is authorized by the owner. Parking on public sidewalks that are not within a City-approved rack or other location is prohibited, as well on private property where parking is not allowed.
photo of LINK scooter