Flood Mitigation

Following a flood event or other significant changes in a watershed, property owners may ask, "Is there any way to make improvements to my home or business to reduce future damages from flooding?" The answer is a resounding YES!

It's called flood mitigation and involves cost-effective measures that can be taken now to avoid loss of lifeand damages to homes, businesses and other improved property in the future. By taking these measures, you will not only prevent or reduce damages to your property from future floods, but also potentially lower your flood insurance premiums. You should consider discussing mitigation options with your flood insurance agent.

As a home or business owner, you have options to mitigate against flood damages.
  • "Nonstructural" mitigation measures typically refer to small-scale projects done to individual structures or structures within a neighborhood to reduce or prevent flood damages.
  • "Structural" mitigation measures generally refer to dams, levees and flood walls, or other large, civic work-type projects to prtect against flooding.
Mitigation Resources
Please note that not all of these options will reduce the flood insurance premiums for homeowners. Before undertaking any flood mitigation projects on your property, it is recommended you contact your flood insurance agent and the City of Manhattan to discuss your plans. Some measures will require building permits prior to the beginning of the project.
Big Blue
We Want Your Feedback
The Big Blue River project team is evaluating many aspects of a floodplain management plan for the area. We need your feedback on mitigation measures you think may be appropriate and applicable to your situation.