Riley County and the City of Manhattan are now home to Nextdoor — a social networking site for your neighborhood.

Why should I use Nextdoor?
Think of it as a more secure Facebook with elements of Angie's List and Craigslist. You can do any number of things on Nextdoor — from posting a garage sale or recommending a plumber to sharing crime safety information or organizing a community gathering. Nextdoor is what you make of it. Just remember that it's secure — only your neighbors can see what you post.

How are local agencies using Nextdoor?
Riley County Police are using Nextdoor as a neighborhood watch program. While police officers can't be able to see the conversations that you and your neighbors are having, you will be able to interact with them through direct messaging. Plus, they're targeting safety tips to neighborhoods with ongoing criminal activity.

The City of Manhattan is using Nextdoor to share information relating to code enforcement, current and long-term planning, public works projects and more. We also have the ability to target your neighborhood with information that relates to you — such as street closures and water main breaks.

Get Nextdoor
When you sign up, you'll need to verify your address. Once you're in, invite your neighbors to join you.