Parking in excess of time

Timed parking ticket fines are $15 to deter drivers from parking in restricted time spots for longer than they should. The majority of the violations have occurred in Downtown Manhattan and Aggieville. These areas are enforced from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Timed parking tickets should be paid, or drivers should appear in Municipal Court, within five (5) business days. If not, the offender will be sent a letter, and an administrative fee of $10 will be assessed. If a second letter needs to be sent, an additional administrative fee of $25 will be assessed. If the offender still does not appear in Municipal Court, an arrest warrant will be issued.

Red Courtesy Payment Box Locations

Timed parking tickets can be paid online, by mail, in person, or deposit in any of the "red" courtesy boxes located on posts throughout town.


Humboldt Lot (behind Pathfinder)
100 block North 4th Street (East Side)
300 block Poyntz Avenue (South Side)
100 block South 4th Street (East Side)
Houston Street Lot
400 block Houston Street (South Side)
500 block Poyntz Avenue (South Side)
400 block Poyntz Avenue (North Side)


1200 block Laramie Lot (South Side)
1100 block Moro Lot