Tips for Moving

Tips for Moving In
Whether you’re moving into your first apartment, first house or a retirement home, these tips can help you get started in your new place.

Utility Service
If you’re renting, check with your landlord to see what types of services should be transferred to your name. Signing up days in advance of your move allows our water crews to make sure water service to turned on to your new home.
Parking Permits
Parking permits are available for residents in certain areas of Manhattan. If you need one, come to City Hall with: 
  • A copy of your lease
  • Make/model of your car
  • Photo ID
  • Vehicle tag number
  • $5 permit fee
New Home Checklist
Check your home to make sure it meets code requirements. Within 5 days of moving in, Kansas law requires you and your landlord to make a detailed written list describing the condition of the premises.

Pet License
All dogs and cats 6 months or older are required to be licensed in the City of Manhattan. Pick up an application at your vet's office and mail it or drop it off at City Hall, 1101 Poyntz Ave. Permits range from $6 to $30 per pet.

Tips for Moving Out
Whether you’re moving to a new place in Manhattan, across the state or across the world, these tips can help you figure out those final steps before you hand over the keys.

Utility Service

Move Out Inventory

When you move out, you and your landlord should reinspect the home and sign another checklist or a statement that the home is in satisfactory condition.

Recycle Unwanted Items

If you’d like to dispose of the following items, please consider recycling or donating them at the following locations. Hours and specifications vary by location.

Clothing & Household Items

Goodwill, 421 E. Poyntz Ave.
Salvation Army Thrift Store, 310 Poyntz Ave.
Seven Dolors Budget Shop, 728 Colorado St.
Grandma’s Trunk, 1304 Pillsbury Dr.
Manhattan Emergency Shelter, 416 S. 4th St. (household only)

Building Materials & Large Appliances

Habitat ReStore, 2711 Amherst Ave.

Nonperishable Food

Flint Hills Breadbasket, 905 Yuma St.
Manhattan Emergency Shelter, 416 S. 4th St.


Best Buy, 329 Tuttle Creek Blvd.
Howie’s Recycling, 625 S. 10th St.
Document Resources, 5106 Murray Rd. Ste. C (fees may apply)

Cleaning Supplies & Paint Disposal

Household Hazardous Waste, 6245 Tuttle Creek Blvd.