Property Maintenance Ordinances

Below are City of Manhattan ordinances that relate specifically to property maintenance for property owners and tenants. Learn more about each one below or view the full Code of Ordinances. Unless otherwise noted, these ordinances are enforced by Risk Reduction inspectors.


Ordinances involving the definition of trash, garbage and refuse; where trash should be stored; and consequences for violating this ordinance. Need to dispose of paint or another household hazardous waste? Contact Riley County for proper disposal.
Chapter 16, Sections 1-5


Nuisances range from noxious weeds, garbage, dilapidated buildings, noise, odors, animals and pollution.
Chapter 21

Weeds and tall grass

Weeds and tall grass should be less than 12 inches in height. Learn how noxious weeds can be controlled.
Chapter 21, Sections 21-26

Snow and ice on sidewalks

Within 36 hours of the end of a snow/ice event, owners and occupants must remove snow/ice from public sidewalks.
Chapter 30, Sections 71-73

Inoperable vehicles

Junked, wrecked, dismantled, inoperable, discarded and abandoned vehicles are prohibited in city limits.
Chapter 31, Sections 121-127

Tree trimming

Trees and shrubs should be cut back to avoid obstructing travel along streets, alleys and sidewalks in the city.
Chapter 33, Section 3

Parking in front yards

Vehicles are prohibited from being parked in the front yard. This is enforced by Riley County Police and City of Manhattan zoning inspectors.
Article 7, Section 102 of Zoning Regulations

Dogs and cats

Ordinances are in place for animals at large, dangerous dogs, required licenses and other dog- and cat-related issues. This is enforced by City of Manhattan's Animal Control.
Chapter 6, Article II

Domestic animals and fowl

Ordinances are in place to regulate what domestic animals and livestock are allowed in the city, including chickens. This is enforced by City of Manhattan's Animal Control.
Chapter 6, Article I

Abandoned refrigerators

Disposing of refrigerators anywhere that is accessible to children is prohibited.
Chapter 22, Section 68

Sign regulations

Placement and maintenance of permanent and temporary signs in residential, commercial and industrial zoning districts.
Section VI of the Zoning Regulations