Taxi Coupons

About the Taxi Coupon Program

The City of Manhattan has a taxi coupon program available to provide safe, economical, and dependable taxi service for disabled and senior citizens with low incomes.


Applications for the program may be made at the customer service office. To qualify for the program, citizens must be at least 62 years old or disabled and older than 16, and have an annual income less than $14,000. Applicants are asked to complete a form certifying their age and income. Also, if a person is applying due to a disability, a statement from a physician is required. Finally, all applicants must be residents of the City of Manhattan to participate in the program.

Purchasing Coupons

Upon qualifying for the program, taxi coupons may be purchased at the customer service office between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Individual coupons can be purchased for $2.50 or a book of 10 coupons for $25. Each coupon entitles the owner to a one-way trip anywhere within the Manhattan city limits.


  • Coupons expire two years from the date of purchase and are non-transferable.
  • When riding with a Manhattan taxi company, coupons must be presented.
  • While taxi coupons must be used by the purchaser, a single coupon entitles other disabled or aged persons from the same household to go to the same destination within the city for an additional fee of $1 per passenger. In the instance where the disabled or aged person must be accompanied by an aide or assistant, the aide or assistant will be allowed to ride with the individual on the single coupon at no additional cost.

How It Works

Each month, the City of Manhattan receives from the taxi company the used coupons. The city pays the taxi companies $1.50 plus $2.50 for each coupon turned in.