Renting in Manhattan

  1. Monthly Maintenance Checklist

Monthly Maintenance Checklist

  1. October

    • Have chimneys cleaned to ensure they are not blocked by bird nests or debris.
    • Make and practice a fire escape plan.
    • Clean out roof and gable vents.
    • Test smoke detectors.
    • Change batteries in smoke detectors.
  1. Top 10 Code Violations

Top 10 Code Violations Cited During Inspections

    1. Lack of or inoperable smoke detectors
    2. Windows broken, not operational or will not stay open on their own
    3. Condition of floors
    4. Wiring and electrical problems
    5. Lack of guardrails/handrails
    6. Mold
    7. Condition and security of doors
    8. Lack of compliant basement egress windows
    9. Water heater not installed correctly
    10. Sewer backup/water damage
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