Landlord Responsibilities

The following are responsibilities of landlords, property managers and/or property owners.
  • All housing must comply with the International Property Maintenance Code.
  • Common areas shared by two or more units must be kept clean.
  • Eliminate rats, insects and other pests (maintain regular upkeep and pest control).
  • In case of emergencies or questions relating to the property, the owner/agent must provide tenants with the property manager's name, home address (not a P.O. box) and telephone number.
  • Occupants must be notified of all exits.
  • Avoid overcrowding your leased property. Check housing designations for each property before renting.
  • Reliable hot and cold running water supply must be available to all tenants.
  • A 30-day written notice must be issued to all tenants before assessing any rental fee increase.
  • If a security deposit is to be returned to the tenant, it must be returned within 30 days of lease termination.
  • Establish rules about pets before the contracts are signed.

Take an inventory

  • Inventory of the premises must be conducted with the tenant and recorded in writing.
  • Written inventories must be signed by both tenant and landlord and completed within 5 days of occupancy.
  • Both parties are to keep copies of the signed inventories.