Street Banner Permits

The City of Manhattan has designated a portion of the public right-of-way on Anderson Avenue and Moro Street to hang street banners as part of the Street Banner Program. This program is used by the City to communicate City goods, services, and events to the public. The program is open to public individuals or entities who wish to communicate their community-wide special events to the public. All banners are subject to application and City approval.

Applications for January - June 2024 are now open to the public. Apply here!

  • Application and permit process is free of charge
  • Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Applications must include a drawing or photo of the banner and no more than 15% of the banner can be devoted to advertising the good/service/host/sponsor of the event
  • A licensed sign contractor must install, maintain, and remove the banner
  • Display must not exceed 14 consecutive days in one location
  • All banners must have a City logo displayed on each side. Logo stickers are available for pickup once the application is approved and permit received
  • Not required, but highly recommended: We recommend your sign contractor fold back/seal the edges of the banner, grommet the corners, and add wind slits to improve durability against the Kansas wind, especially at the Anderson location. This will help to ensure banner reusability.


Check out the calendar below for available dates. Red corresponds with an existing booking at the Anderson Avenue location. Blue corresponds with an existing booking at the Moro Street location. Please ensure availability prior to submitting an application!