Bulk Water Filling Station

A Bulk Water Filling Station enables customers to conveniently purchase water for the purpose of filling water-hauling trucks or tanks.  
This service was formerly available at the Water Treatment Plant and is now located at 244 Levee Drive.  

We hope customers will enjoy the increased convenience of the new automated Filling Station.  At this time, customers must set up an account with Customer Service in order to have access to the Bulk Water Filling Station.  Bulk Map

To Set Up an Account

Please complete the online application form or download and print the PDF version.

How to Use the Station

Open the cabinet and follow the prompts on the screen. Simply press START on the keypad, select Account, and enter your PIN.  Don’t forget to choose your preferred filling method.

  1. Customers may select to fill tanks using an overhead fill or a hose connection.  The hose connection consists of a 2-inch cam lock fitting. Customers that utilize the hose connection option will be required to provide their own hose and connection.  
  2. To stop the flow of water at any time, hit the red STOP button.
    The station is located at 244 Levee Drive and will be open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

The station is under 24-hour video surveillance. Customers shall be responsible for any damages due to improper use.  


For questions related to accounts, please contact Customer Service at 785-587-2480.  

Questions regarding the Bulk Water Filling Station should be directed to the Water Treatment Plant at 785-587-4550.

Things You Should Know

  • When your account is established you will receive a six (6) digit account number that will be used for PIN access at the Station.  You may set up multiple accounts if you wish to track individual users or vehicles.  The City maintains no responsibility for ensuring proper use of account PINs.  PINs may be deactivated at any time by contacting Customer Service during regular business hours.  
  • Customer accounts will be invoiced monthly for all water purchased at the Station.  Invoices will include all applicable fees and charges for the gallons of water supplied to the customer as measured by the Station.  
  • The City reserves the right to charge a monthly late fee, up to five (5) percent, on all accounts in arrears for more than thirty (30) days.  Any account in arrears for more than sixty (60) days shall have all accounts owned by the customer suspended and access to the Bulk Water Filling Station turned off until all outstanding debts and late fees are paid.
  • Bulk water rates are $9.00 per 1,000 gallons. Cumulative monthly sales will be rounded to the nearest 50-gallon increment.
  • All water dispensed from the Station will meet all local, State and Federal Drinking Water Standards.  
  • The City of Manhattan assumes no responsibility for the quality of the bulk water sold following dispensing.