Cleaning Up After A Flood

Field Guide for Cleaning Flooded Homes (PDF)

Flood Cleanup Fact Sheet (PDF)

Throw Away Wet Materials That Cannot Be Cleaned

  • For insurance purposes, take photographs of all damaged property you must dispose of
  • Wash curtains, clothing and bedding with hot soapy water; use bleach when possible
  • Flush rugs and furniture with clean water, and shampoo and air-dry them Clean Safely
  • Wear long pants, long sleeves, rubber boots, and rubber gloves when cleaning
  • Protect your eyes, nose and lungs
  • Use goggles and an N-95 mask, due to health concerns from mold
  • Use soap and water or cleaning supplies with a disinfectant for killing germs.
  • Never mix bleach with other cleaning supplies in the same bucket; follow instructions on manufacturer’s label
  • Open all doors and windows when you are working and leave as many open, as is safe, when you leave to pull help drying process and to pull fumes away from your work area o Open inside doors, especially closets and interior rooms, to let air flow into all areas
  • Open kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity doors; remove drawers, wipe them clean, and stack them to dry o Open attic access to let air flow to the attic
  • Collect dust with a wet/dry shop vacuum
  • If mold is present, clean all mold you can see, and dry area right away
  • Always wash your hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • People with asthma, allergies, or other breathing problems may be more sensitive to mold, if you aren’t sure if it is safe to clean up, call your healthcare provider 

Drying Flooded Areas

  • If carpets, clothing, paper and other absorbent materials cannot be completely dried, it is best to throw them out
  • Run bathroom and kitchen ventilators to keep air moving in your home
  • If there is no standing water, and it is safe to use electric appliances, use fans to help dry damp areas.
  • Water should be pumped out into your yard or into storm water drain pipes

Flood Water After a Disaster Fact Sheet

CDC Tips for Mold Cleanup (PDF) (PPE)

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