North Campus Corridor Project


The North Campus Corridor (NCC) project will expand the major roadways near K-State University and the National Bio-Agro Defense Facility (NBAF): Kimball, Denison, College, and North Manhattan Avenues. Kimball Avenue serves as the arterial roadway connecting Kansas Highway 113 and U.S. Highway 24 to NBAF. 

Kimball Avenue alone carries over 20,000 vehicles daily. Improvements throughout the NCC include increased lane widths and dedicated turn lanes, improved storm sewer infrastructure, protected medians, traffic signal and crosswalk innovations, pedestrian walkways throughout the corridor, bicycle improvements, bus stops, streetscape and landscape enhancements.

Over the next 20 years, these improvements are expected to  help support 5,000 jobs in Manhattan.

Project Timeline & Cost Estimates

Location Years Costs
N. Manhattan from 
Claflin to Kimball
2019-2021 $4,916,345
College Ave  + 
College & Kimball Intersection
2019-2020 $11,560,716
Kimball Ave from College to
N. Manhattan + Kimball &
Denison Intersection
2020-2022 $24,335,097
Denison Ave from Rec 
Complex to Jardine Drive
2023 $2,796,067
TOTAL 2019-2023 $43,608,225
Funding Sources Amounts
City-University Fund $10,000,000
KDOT $4,200,000
K-State Athletics $3,000,000
ED Fund (NBAF Commitment) $1,500,000
City of Manhattan / 0.3% Sales Tax $25,000,000

 Kimball from Denison to College (facing west)

Kimball Avenue Expansion Facing West - Phase 9 of NCC Project

Kimball from N. Manhattan to Denison (facing west)

Kimball Avenue Reverse Curve Facing West - Phase 10 of NCC Project

Denison & Kimball intersection (facing south west)

Denison Avenue and Kimball Avenue Intersection facing southwest - Phase 11 of NCC Project

State of Repair

Average daily traffic volumes along the North Campus Corridor are projected to exceed the capacity of its current design in the near future as NBAF opens and continued growth occurs from K-State and the private sector. Existing conditions have already lead to major traffic congestion and multiple collisions (some of which have been fatal). Excluding proposed streetscape, landscaping and pedestrian amenities, $20 million worth of curb to curb roadway, maintenance, improvements and expansions must occur along the corridor over the next 5-10 years to meed traffic demands whether the 0.3% sales tax passes or not.

Existing conditions at Kimball & Denison Avenue Intersection facing southeast/NBAF

Panoramic of current Denison and Kimball intersection