The Water Treatment Plant is a lime softening plant with a design capacity of 30 million gallons per days. It is in full operation 24/7/365. State certified plant operators ensure adequate water is maintained in the distribution system and test many water quality parameters.

The plant is responsible for maintaining the city's 6 water towers and 6 booster stations. The city's water supply consists of 20 public water supply groundwater wells along the Big Blue River.

Water distribution and meter staff also maintain more than 280 miles of water main, valves, pressure-reducing valves, fire hydrants and water meters.
Water Process

Drinking Water Quality

Environmental compliance staff work directly with Water Treatment Plant staff to ensure the city's drinking water supply meets and exceeds all state and federal drinking water quality standards set forth by the EPA, KDHE and the Clean Water Act. On average, environmental compliance staff take nearly 100 monthly water quality samples to test for chlorine residuals, bacteria and disinfection by-products, with many of them being voluntary monitoring that is above what is required by state and federal agencies. Staff also perform quarterly sampling of our water supply wells, which is a voluntary monitoring program to ensure adequate protection to our water supply.

Report It!

Water quality and/or pressure concerns could occur, and you should contact the Water Division if any of them happen to you. Report your concern by calling 785-587-4530 during business hours. If you experience an issue after hours, on weekends or on holidays, call 785-587-4550. These numbers are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.