Indoor Pool Aquatics Center Steering Committee

The Manhattan City Commission approved the formation of the Indoor Pool Aquatics Center Steering Committee to give input on the concept and schematic design of the indoor pool aquatics center. The Committee will receive periodic updates from the City and consultant team. Committee members will also receive special invitations to all relevant City Commission meetings and consultant-led public input sessions during the planning and design process.

The Committee will provide a recommendation to City Administration, the consultant, and ultimately the City Commission in terms of how to proceed with the indoor pool aquatic center to include concept and schematic design for the proposed aquatic center.

The IPAC Steering Committee is comprised of 15 members approved by the City Commission. The Committee members will have 3 – 5 meetings from July 2021 through October 2021 followed by a formal recommendation to the City Commission.






Resource Links

Strategic Facility Improvement Plan

Manhattan Recreation Study - 2006 

Indoor Feasibility Study

Manhattan Indoor Aquatics Feasibility Study- Final

Steering Committee Members

  • Ronald Atkinson
  • John Balman
  • Betty Banner
  • Rita Cassida
  • Jurdene Coleman
  • Garrett Crane
  • Jed Dunham
  • Karla Johnson
  • Thomas Kerrigan
  • Emily Koenig
  • Tamas Kowalik
  • Gary Schwandt
  • Tim Steffensmeier
  • Linda Teener
  • Debra Ring