Proposed Stormwater Management Criteria Update, 2022

The City of Manhattan is considering the adoption of an updated Stormwater Management Criteria and related Standard Drawings and Specifications for stormwater infrastructure. These new documents, once finalized and adopted, would replace the existing Stormwater Management Criteria that have been in place since 1994.

In addition, the City is proposing to adopt updated Standard Drawings and Construction Specifications which, when finalized, would supersede those currently in effect.

The public comment period for these proposed changes has been extended to Thursday, December 1, 2022. Comments or questions regarding these proposed standards should be sent to Bill Heatherman, Stormwater Compliance Engineer, by email or by phone at (785) 587-4578. All comments on the standard are requested in writing.

In addition, a revised version of Chapter 3 to the Stormwater Criteria and related Drainage Impact Study Worksheet have been posted for additional review. Chapter 3 outlines the drainage study and submittal requirements for developments. The City has addressed several comments and issues that have arisen in initial discussions. The review time for that revised Chapter 3 only has been extended to Wednesday, December 21, 2022.

Notice of Public Meetings

Public meetings to present the proposed Stormwater Management Criteria and related standards were held Wednesday, October 19, 2022 in the City Commission Room at City Hall. Copies of presentation materials are provided in the Supporting Materials section below.

Proposed Criteria and Standards

Supporting Materials