Owner Surrendered Pets

To surrender a pet to T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter, please stop in, call, or email us for an animal surrender profile form. You will be asked to complete a form for each animal that you wish to relinquish.

This form is intended to give the shelter as much insight as possible into your pet’s behavior so as to make the best decisions for the animal.

This information is key to getting a pet adopted, especially to homes that already have other pets or young children. Information about pets’ personalities is gathered via the history you provide when surrendering your pet. The more detailed, open, and honest you are in your description, the better for your pet and your pet’s new home.

After we receive the completed form, a consultation appointment will be scheduled. Shelter animal population at that time may determine how soon your pet can be accepted.

Please do not bring your pet to T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter until approved! Surrender appointments will be made once the form and consultation have been completed, and your animal has been approved.

The shelter provides animal shelter services to the City of Manhattan and unincorporated Riley County. There are no fees for residents from these areas to surrender their owned animal.

We do not provide animal shelter services to areas outside the City of Manhattan and unincorporated Riley County, including the cities of Riley, Junction City, Leonardville, Fort Riley, Ogden, and the Green Valley/Blue Township area.

The shelter may accept owner-surrendered pets from outside Manhattan and unincorporated Riley County when space is available. There is an $80 surrender fee per animal from these areas.

You will be asked to provide valid photo identification.

  1. Animal Shelter

    Physical Address
    605 Levee Drive
    Manhattan, KS 66502

    Hours are 1 to 5 p.m.
    Monday thru Saturday
    Closed Sundays (appointment only)
    and City holidays

    Animal Control
    Contact via RCPD
    (785) 537-2112 Ext. 0
    or wait for an operator