East Manhattan Gateway Plan

The East Manhattan Gateway Plan is a corridor and area plan along the US Highway-24 corridor from the Manhattan Town Center Mall entrance to Hopkins Creek Road. The study area also includes the "McCall Triangle" and undeveloped greenfields surrounding existing residential development in the Green Valley area (see map below). The project was initiated in early 2023 and is expected to conclude with the adoption of a plan in summer of 2025. The plan will be developed by Stantec, the city's consultant for the project, which will address many planning-related topics including future development, transportation, public infrastructure (sewer, water, and stormwater), floodplain, parks and open spaces, market analysis, and emergency services.

The plan will be guided by the East Manhattan Gateway Plan Community Advisory Committee, a City of Manhattan appointed committee. If you are interested in serving on this committee, you may submit an interest form.


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Study Area

Project Chronology

Check back in for updates on the project as we kick it off Fall 2023.