Airport Advisory Board

Airport Advisory Board
The purpose of the Airport Advisory Board is to recommend policies regarding Manhattan Regional Airport to the City Commission. In addition, the Airport Advisory Board prepares an annual written report to the City Commission, aids the city in developing community awareness of Airport operations, aids and advises the City Commission and the Airport Director regarding planning, capital improvements, negotiation of major contracts, and any other matters at the request of the City Manager, Airport Director or City Commission.
The board consists of 11 members:
  • Six shall be drawn from a broad cross-section of the community interested in the development of aviation in the city and surrounding area. (Of these six, two shall be active pilots.)
  • One shall be selected and recommended by the Commanding General of Fort Riley, Kansas
  • One shall be selected and recommended by the President of Kansas State University
  • One shall be selected and recommended by the Chairman of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
  • One shall be selected by the Mayor of Junction City, Kansas
  • One shall be selected by the Pottawatomie County Commission
Staff Liaison
Jesse Romo, Airport Director
Email Jesse Romo
Additional Information
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Meetings of the board are usually held on the second Monday of each month at 11 a.m. at City Hall, 1101 Poyntz Ave.

Current Members

  • Richard Jankovich, Chair (At-Large)
    •  Term expires: 06/26/22
  • Karen Rogers, Vice-Chair (At-Large)
    • Term expires: 06/26/22
  • Jordan Cousland (At-Large Pilot)
    • Term expires: 06/26/23
  • Jim Jacobs (Junction City)
    • Term expires: 06/26/23
  • Jennifer Kuntz (Chamber)
    • Term expires: 06/26/21
  • Josh McCowan (KSU)
    • Term expires: 06/26/23
  • Carl Reed (Pottawatomie County)
    • Term expires: 06/26/21
  • Roger Sink (At-Large)
    • Term expires: 06/26/23
  • Robert Shannon (At-Large)
    • Term expires: 06/26/21
  • Bonnie Templeton (Recommended by Fort Riley)
    • Term expires 06/26/21
  • *Open Position* (At-Large Pilot)