City-University Special Project Fund Committee

City-University Special Projects Fund Committee

The purpose of the City-University Projects Fund Committee is to review recommendations forwarded from the president of Kansas State University and the City of Manhattan for projects and programs that are deemed to have a mutual benefit to both the city and the university. After reviewing the university requests, the committee will make recommendations to the City Commission to budget the projects and programs in the City/University Projects Fund. This fund was established as a result of an agreement with the city and the university upon the annexation of the university into the City of Manhattan.

The committee consists of nine members appointed pursuant to the agreement between the city and the university establishing the committee. Members consist of six being City-At-Large, one Kansas State University faculty member and two Kansas State University student members.

Staff Liaison

Jason Hilgers, Deputy City Manager

Additional Information
Interested in being a member of the City/University Special Project Fund Committee?


The President of Kansas State University submits a request for consideration of projects by Feb. 1 of each year for the city's next two-year budget cycle. Meetings occur on an on-call basis as determined necessary between February and April.


  • Mike Dillon, Chair (Citizen)
    • Term expires: 06/30/22
  • Emily Koenig, Vice Chair (Citizen)
    • Term expires: 06/30/23
  • Sean Durr (Citizen)
    • Term Expires 06/20/22
  • Garrett Knott (Citizen)
    • Term expires: 06/30/21
  • Austin Schilling (Citizen)
    • Term expires: 06/30/23
  • Vincent Tracey(Citizen)
    • Term expires: 06/30/22
  • *Open Position(KSU Faculty)
    • Term expires: 06/30/22
  • *Open Position*(Student)
    • Term expires: 06/30/22
  • *Open Position* (Student)
    • Term expires: 06/30/22