Code Appeals Board

Code Appeals Board
The purpose of the Code Appeals Board is to provide for determination of the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction or installation and in order to provide for reasonable interpretations of the city's building, electrical, plumbing, sign, abatement of dangerous buildings, mechanical, and gas fitting codes.

The Code Appeals Board consists of nine members, each of whom are qualified by experience, licensed through Code Services, and trained on matters contained in the city's technical codes.
Staff Liaison
Brad Claussen, Building Official, Code Services
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Additional Information
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  • Daniel Barr (Master Electrician)
  • Steve Kirby (Journeyman Plumber)
  • George Lauppe (Builder)
  • Todd Olson (Electrician)
  • Tony Reid (Master Plumber)
  • Thaniel Monaco (Engineer-CHAIR)
  • Patrick Schutter (Builder)
  • David Stevenson (Journeyman Mechanic)
  • Brad Swanson (Master Mechanic)


The board meets on an on-call basis, usually two to three times per year.