Special Alcohol Fund Advisory Committee

Special Alcohol Fund Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Special Alcohol Funds Advisory Committee is to solicit proposals for the use of the funds in the city's Special Alcohol Fund. The committee evaluates the proposals to ensure conformance to community objectives and helps to secure the coordination of the programs and services dealing with the abuse of alcohol and drugs that may now or in the future be provided by existing or new public, nonprofit and private agencies. Also, the committee evaluates the quality of the programs provided through the assistance of these funds.

There are nine members of the Special Alcohol Funds Advisory Committee appointed by the mayor of the city with the advice and consent of the City Commission. There are approximately eight to 10 meetings held each year. There are approximately three to four meetings held for organizational purposes. The majority of the remainder of the meetings are held in April, May and early June to provide opportunities to the requesting agencies to make presentations to the committee for funding. Following the presentations, the committee determines the funding for each requesting agency or one additional meeting is held to discuss the proposals further.

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Staff Liaison

Ami Albert
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  • Jurdene Coleman (Chair)
  • Chris Bailey (Vice-Chair)
  • Chad Broadway
  • Judy Burgess
  • Ansley Chua
  • Mildred Schroeder
  • *open*
  • Jason Suther
  • Alexander Van Dyke


The committee generally meets the first Wednesday of the month, with the exception of May and early June when dates may have to be re-arranged to accommodate agencies needing to be present. Meetings may also be held upon call of the chairperson or by the City Commission. The meetings are in the Harmon Conference Room at City Hall, 1101 Poyntz Ave.