Employment Information

Employment Opportunities

To view currently available positions, please visit our Employment Opportunities page.

Employee Benefits

The city has a variety of employee benefit programs designed to assist employees and their eligible dependents in meeting the financial burdens that can result from illness, disability and death, and to help employees plan for retirement, deal with job-related or personal problems, and enhance their job-related skills.

Become a Firefighter

View information related to becoming a firefighter or student firefighter with the Manhattan Fire Department. To see if the city is currently accepting Firefighter or Student Firefighter applications, please visit the Employment Opportunities page.

Position Listing/Salary Ordinance

The city employs a wide range of positions for our nine departments (City Administration, Manhattan Regional Airport, Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Parks & Recreation, Public Works, Community Development and Fire Services). We employ people in positions from maintenance to engineers, clerical to administrative support, recreation to cemetery, a variety of support staff to senior management, and more.

Each year, according to state law, the city commission must pass a salary ordinance. The salary ordinance of the City of Manhattan relates to the adoption of the city’s pay plan, providing the salaries for classified, unclassified and seasonal/temporary employees. The city's salary ordinance lists the positions the city employs and the pay range, including minimum and maximum hourly rates.