City of Manhattan Standard Specifications

Design Criteria & Standard Specifications

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Cover SheetCover Page, Promulgation PagePage 1
Page 2
IndexOrganization ChartPage 3
AmendmentsAmendments 1-11Page 4
Amendments 1-9
Amendment 10
Amendment 11

Amendment 12Amendment 12

Amendment 13Amendment 13

Division / Section
DescriptionPDF Document
Division II; Section 2100Grading and Site PrepDivision II; Section 2100 
Division II; Section 2200Sanitary SewersDivision II; Section 2200
Division II; Section 2300WaterlinesDivision II; Section 2300
Division II; Section 2400Storm SewersDivision II; Section 2400
Division II; Section 2500StructuresDivision II; Section 2500
Division II; Section 2600PavingDivision II; Section 2600
Division II; Section 2700Construction in Public Rights-of-WayDivision II; Section 2700
Division II; Section 2800Seeding and SoddingDivision II; Section 2800
Division II; Section 2900Street LightsDivision II; Section 2900
Lighting Policy
Division IV; Section 4100Measurement and PaymentDivision IV; Section 4100
Division V; Section 5100Street Signs & Traffic ControlDivision V; Section 5100
Division V; Section 5200Sanitary Sewer & Appurtenances DesignDivision V; Section 5200
Division V; Section 5300Waterlines DesignDivision V; Section 5300
Division V; Section 5400Stormwater DesignDivision V; Section 5400
Division V; Section 5600Street DesignDivision V; Section 5600
Division VI; Section 6100Standard Detail SheetsStandard Drawings
Division VII; Section 7300Water Service ConnectionsDivision VII; Section 7300