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Jun 12

Information Series for Unified Development Ordinance Updates

Posted on June 12, 2018 at 11:12 AM by Kristen Isch

(Manhattan, KS, March 14, 2018) - The Community Development Department of the City of Manhattan and its consulting partners, Kendig Keast Collaborative (KKC), White & Smith, LLC Planning Firm, Confluence, and Gateway Planning have been working on the City’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) project since last summer.  The project is anticipated to be completed in late summer or early fall of this year. 

A UDO is a set of regulations that combines zoning and subdivision regulations and other applicable development requirements and design standards into one document to manage land use and development in the City.  The City and its consultant team have drafted over two-thirds of the regulations.

A number of changes to the existing regulations have been proposed.  Several new planning and development concepts are also being considered.  In an effort to share these changes and concepts, the Community Development Department has created the “How Do UDO?” information series at

Planners from the City’s Community Development Department will share background and insights, and help interpret changes to the current regulations.  

“The hope is that the ‘How Do UDO?’ series will be useful to Manhattanites, helping them to better understand the Unified Development Ordinance.  There is a lot of information in the drafted document.  We’re trying to break the regulations down into smaller parts to make them less overwhelming. We’re also hoping people will give us feedback about the changes they would like to see.” said Chad Bunger, Assistant Director Community Development Department.  

To learn more about the UDO and to see the draft regulations, visit  

For additional information, contact Chad Bunger via email at or by phone at 785-587-2412.