Oct 29

[ARCHIVED] News release: New program encourages students to party smart

The original item was published from October 29, 2018 3:54 PM to October 31, 2018 12:06 PM

(MANHATTAN, KS – October 30, 2018) Kansas State University, the Riley County Police Department (RCPD), and the City of Manhattan have partnered to develop a Party Registration Program similar to other college towns across the country. The concept is simple: fill out a form to register a Friday or Saturday night party, share contact information for the party hosts, and police dispatch will call if a noise complaint is received about the property.

Partygoers will be advised to mitigate the noise over the phone. If any additional noise complaints are received, dispatch will send a patrol officer to the address.

“The goal is to help foster positive relationships between K-State students and RCPD and maximize efficiency, all while reminding party hosts of their responsibilities to abide by the city’s noise ordinance,” Assistant to the City Manager, Jared Wasinger said.

Lacy Pitts, Vice President of the SGA and intern with the City Manager’s Office, helped spearhead the program. “Party registration also gives students the opportunity to correct their actions in order to respect fellow community members, with less fear of a penalty ruining their weekend,” Pitts said.

To register a party, fill out the online form at by Friday at noon. Provide the name and phone number for the primary and secondary contacts (who must be tenants or property owners at the party location), the address, and date of the event. Make sure the primary and secondary contacts are available during the event, and can respond to dispatch if needed.

Refer to the City of Manhattan Noise Ordinance at for full understanding of your responsibility as a resident. Amplified noise (such as music, voices, speakers, etc.) within a residential district cannot exceed 65 decibels beyond one's property line at any time. After 11 p.m., if amplified noise is plainly audible or is otherwise endangering, injuring, annoying or distributing to a reasonable person of ordinary sensibilities, it may violate the noise ordinance, which could result in a warning or a ticket.