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Mar 03

Residents in Flood Prone Areas Advised to Stay Alert

Posted on March 3, 2020 at 7:54 PM by Vivienne Uccello

(MANHATTAN, KS – May 23, 2019) No significant releases from Tuttle Creek Lake are scheduled or anticipated for the immediate future according to the US Army Corps of Engineers. The lake level is 1127.36 as of May 23. Tuttle Creek Lake is only at 77% capacity at this time and there is no immediate threat of flooding downstream. The timeframe for any release from Tuttle Creek Lake is anticipated to be provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers and could range from a few hours to a few days of notice depending on weather and other circumstances before the impact of flooding occurs. Emergency services will respond immediately upon any notification of releases from the USACE.

Additional rainfall is anticipated over the next several days and the situation could change depending on the amount of precipitation. Residents are advised to stay alert and tune in to local news stations for updates. Please sign up for Emergency Alerts to receive direct notification of impending flood and severe weather events. Electronic message boards are being placed on roadways in vulnerable areas of Manhattan, Riley County, and Pottawatomie County today advising residents to stay aware of the situation and prepare now.  

If evacuation becomes necessary, residents will be notified to leave the area and seek shelter out of the floodplain. Announcements will be made on the Riley and Pottawatomie County Emergency Alert Systems including Everbridge, Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA or IPAWS) to every cell phone in the impacted areas, voice sirens in the areas will be activated, local media will be broadcasting the notice, and emergency personnel will go door to door notifying residents of the need to evacuate. 

Notification types and meanings:
Residents of projected flood affected areas may receive one or all of the following depending which of the respective evacuation zones they live in:

A. High Water Advisory- An advisory that notifies residents or property owners that their property may receive high water or their access to their property may be impacted.

B. Evacuation Advisory- An advisory to notify residents or property owners that their property may be flooded or their access to the property may be impacted, evacuation is recommended, and that they may be ordered to evacuate in the near future.

C. Evacuation Order- A notification of “Imminent Danger” to notify residents or property owners that their property may be flooded or their access to the property may be severely impacted. This order to evacuate is considered as mandatory for non-residents as a curfew is important for security of the affected areas.

Other steps residents should take include: Information is also available on the City of Manhattan website at Updates will be shared on Facebook ManhattanFloodUpdates and on Twitter @updatesflood as well. News releases will be published daily or as additional information becomes available.