Can I do community service to pay off my fines?

Community service may be used to pay off your fines and a portion of your court costs. You will receive credit of $10 per hour worked, with the exception of DUI fines, which will be worked off at the rate of $5 per hour (State of Kansas statutes). You cannot work off any court ordered restitution. You must perform your community service at a Court approved agency in Manhattan. Credit will not be given for community service work performed at an agency that is not Court approved. To perform community service, contact one of the Court approved agencies and schedule your work with them. The supervisor must sign this Community Service Log Sheet for you to receive credit for your work.  Community service work cannot be preformed to pay off fines and costs owed through a diversion agreement without prior approval from the City Prosecutor. If your case gets turned over to our collection agency, you no longer have the option to work off fines through community service.

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