What if I can’t attend the neighborhood meeting?
The applicant’s and/or their consultant’s contact information is provided in both the mailed written notice and the In Touch email notification so that you can contact the applicant or their consultant with questions or concerns about the proposed project. The neighborhood meeting is just the first opportunity for you to get involved. You can also attend the public hearing and/or write a letter or email to the Community Development Department, 1101 Poyntz Ave., Manhattan, KS 66502.

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1. Why did I receive written notice of a neighborhood meeting?
2. Who must the applicant notify for the neighborhood meeting?
3. Why must applicants hold their own neighborhood meeting?
4. Who can/should attend the neighborhood meeting?
5. What if I can’t attend the neighborhood meeting?
6. What happens after the neighborhood meeting?
7. How is public notice given for the public hearing?
8. Who should attend the public hearing?
9. What happens at the public hearing?
10. What if I can’t attend the public hearing?
11. How do I sign up for email notifications for upcoming planning and zoning development reviews?
12. How do I contact members of the Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Board or City Commission with my comments and concerns about a rezoning or a case before the BZA?