What happens at the public hearing?
The board chairperson presides over the meeting and will introduce each agenda item. The format typically is as follows:
  • Staff presentation: The staff planner who was assigned to that item will present the staff report and give the city’s recommendation regarding the request.

  • Board questions: The board will be given the opportunity to ask the planner questions about the proposal and staff report.

  • Applicant’s presentation: The chairperson will open the public hearing and typically the applicant and/or their consultant will make a presentation on their proposal and answer any questions from the board.

  • Public comments and questions: The chairperson will ask for public comment, input and questions from anyone in the audience who wants to speak.

    • To provide public comment or ask questions, proceed to the lectern, sign in on the sheet on the lectern, then state your name and address for the record and provide your comments to the board. Because public hearings are televised, your comments and questions must be made from the lectern and not from the audience seating area.

    • Please direct all questions to the chairperson, who will direct the question to the appropriate person(s) to answer (i.e. board members, applicant, consultant or city staff).

  • Closing of public hearing: Once all audience members have been given the opportunity to speak and ask questions, and the applicant has been given the opportunity to respond, the chairperson will close the public hearing.

  • Board’s deliberations: The board will then ask questions, if any, of the applicant, staff, and the public and deliberate the request to arrive at a recommendation to forward to the City Commission, or in the case of the Board of Zoning Appeals, to make a final decision on the request.

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