Where may I place a fence on my property?

Generally, a fence may be placed along the rear and/or side property lines. Fences may not be in the front yard setback. (Please note:  if you live on a corner lot, you likely have two front yards. Please contact Risk Reduction for more information)  Fences must be set back at least 25 feet behind the front property line. Before building a fence, please make sure you know where the property lines are located. The curb of the street is not your front property line. You can obtain a copy of the subdivision plat for your lot from the Riley County Register of Deeds Office at 785-537-6340. 

In some cases, you may need to hire your own surveyor to accurately locate property lines. Also, check with the city to make sure there are no drainage easements on the lot. Fences may not be placed in a drainage easement, or in a vision clearance triangle at street intersections. In addition, always call 800-DIG-SAFE to have the underground utilities marked before you start digging. 

If you have any questions concerning placement of a fence, please call the Risk Reduction Division t at 785-587-4506 before starting construction. Depending on the height of the fence, you may need a building permit. Call Risk Reduction at 785-587-4506 to find out if you need a permit.

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