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City of Manhattan Public Comment Sign Up Form

  1. City of Manhattan Meeting Procedures and Public Comment
    The City Commission passed Resolution Policy No. 050118-B regarding public comment/meeting procedures on May 1, 2018. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the City Commission can effectively conduct and/or consider City business at its meetings. The City Commission herein establishes meeting procedures for orderly and efficient meetings. In addition, the City Commission herein establishes reasonable and content-neutral public comment regulations to preserve the governing body’s legitimate interest in conducting efficient, orderly and effective meetings.
  2. Online submissions must be completed by 3:00 pm on the day of the meeting. However a public comment sign up form is available at the meeting.
  3. I plan to bring a PowerPoint presentation
    If yes, please submit a copy of your presentation to the City Clerk by 5:00 p.m. the Monday before the meeting in order to use the projectors in the Commission Room.
  4. Please note the following:
    • Speaker may sign up in person with the City Clerk prior to the start of the meeting. A sign-up sheet is available at the meeting or online prior to the meeting. Speaker must state name and address and if applicable organization represented.
    • Speakers will be heard in the order their requests are received.
    • Public shall only speak on the item one time per meeting.
    • Speaker is limited to 5 minutes of time and may not combine time with someone else.
    • Only one speaker at the podium at a time.
    • Speaker may not read a written document supplied by another person, but can submit written documents to the City Clerk prior to the meeting for distribution. However, a person representing a group or organization can read a statement that represents their position. That speaker is still limited to 5 minutes.
    • If a speaker has an PowerPoint or electronic presentation, it must be turned in to the City Clerk by 5 p.m. the Monday before the meeting in order to use the projectors in the Commission Room. Those can be delivered to City Clerk Brenda Wolf at City Hall or emailed to
    • Speaker's comments should be directed to the City Commission as a whole and not to individual members.
    • No personal, slanderous, profane, obscene, or threatening remarks are permitted.
    • Speaker's comments should relate to City business, to the public hearing, or to the agenda item of business.
    • Speaker may not debate with audience members during comments.
    • Once public comment is closed, no further public comment will be permitted on that item.
    • The City Commission doesn't have to respond to public comment. They may ask questions of the speaker, decide to address the issue at a future meeting or refer the matter to City Administration.
    • Any member of the public who is not in compliance with the policies will be warned. If non-compliance continues, speaking privileges will be revoked.
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