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Take our Stormwater Survey

  1. What do you know about stormwater?
  2. What is stormwater runoff?*
  3. Does stormwater go through a cleaning process before reaching our streams, river and lakes?*
  4. What is the difference between the storm drain in the streets and the sewer drain inside your home?*
  5. What liquids or solids are safe to dispose into a storm drain? (check all that apply)*
  6. What is a Watershed?*
  7. Where can you dispose of household hazardous waste such as paints, pesticides, fertilizers, oil, and other toxic chemicals? (check all that apply)*
  8. What do you think about stormwater pollution?
  9. Would you consider altering some of your daily activities to improve water quality if you learned of alternatives?*
  10. Would you like to learn more about the City's current stormwater regulations?*
  11. If so, what type of outreach would you find beneficial? (Check all that apply)
  12. Which of the following pollutant sources have the most impact on Manhattan's water quality & the environment? (Check all that apply)*
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