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2020 Annual Grant Certification

  1. 2020 Annual Grant Certification
    Please complete the 2020 Annual Grant Certification form by December 31, 2020
  2. City of Manhattan
  3. If not applicable, enter N/A
  4. The total dollar amount of the grant
  5. Please enter the beginning and end date
  6. COVID Related Funding
  7. Please identify if the COVID related funding as SPARKS or CARES
  8. A short description of why the City is receiving this Grant.
  9. The self-assessment will summarize any issue noted by the grant administrator during this period and should provide insight into the overall effectiveness of the grant process.
  10. If issues are identified in the self-assessment, the corrective action plan will be completed by the grant administrator to address those specific issues.
  11. I am familiar with the requirements of the above-named grant. To the best of my knowledge and belief, the City has complied with the terms of the grant agreement applicable to this project, including all local, state and federal laws. I have personally reviewed all grant documents, including any budgets, certifications and program forms. All documentation and reimbursements have been completed for this fiscal year and submitted in accordance with grant requirements.
  12. Upon annual review of the grant, the grant administrator shall be responsible to review the grant agreement. Each grant administrator for the City will be responsible for keeping accurate and timely records and filing all information related to the grant.
  13. The letter should state the date and amount of the grant.
  14. This is the Grant/Project Agreement that goes before Commission. The identification number, Mayor's signature, and information detailing the grant is required.
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