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Design Project Review Request Form

  1. Manhattan City Hall building
  2. Project Reviews have a standard minimum review time of 2 weeks. An automated calendar reminder for the review completion date will be sent to the Design Project Manager and any extra recipients upon submission of this form. Pending the completeness of the submission and/or size of the project/plan set, the City Project Manager may adjust the review period.

    Onsite Field Check, Office Check and/or Design Progress Meetings shall be set by the City Project Manager through other, regular communications with the Design Project Manager. If you do not know the City Project Manager assigned to the project, this form can still be submitted and you will be notified which City Project Manager has been assigned as soon as possible.

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    Please ensure you've adequately filled out this form. Upon hitting submit, a review completion date will be assigned and you will receive a confirmation email.

    Your submission will then be reviewed for completeness. Incomplete submissions may result in delays for review completion and ultimately, the project schedule.

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