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2022 SSAB Request for Funding

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  2. Social Services Advisory Board Request for Funding
  3. The signature below attests that the information in this application is accurate.
  4. I understand and agree that by typing my name above I am providing a legal signature on this application for funding.
  5. A budget narratives explains how the costs relate to the implementation of the project as outlined in the proposal being submitted.
  6. 5. Individuals Served in Previous Fiscal Year:
  7. a. Number of total individuals served
  8. b. Number of individuals served in Manhattan
  9. c. Number of individuals served outside Manhattan
  10. 12. Explain below the program/agency goals, action steps, and measures for 2022.
  11. In order to complete the application, please attach the following documents:
  12. If applying for first time OR changes have occurred, in addition to the above, attach the following:
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